Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thy Will - My Will

The ideas here came to me while enjoying Sacrament Meeting; now I would like to share them with you:

Precious Fruit

A world obsessed with self-indulgence can,
It seems, see nothing but its own desires;
Its denizens run blindly to and fro,
Not seeing what is vital in a life
Of meaning on eternal planes; unseen
Flows water giving everlasting life.
Except the Lord shall build the house the work
Is vain of those that build.

My will is not
Of consequence in lasting views; I wish
Instead to sublimate my will to Thine,
My Holy Father, doing nothing but
What pleases Thee, serves Thee and glorifies

Thy name.
My will must be to trust in Him,
The Lord, with all mine heart, and lean not on
Mine own weak understanding. If in all
My ways I can acknowledge Him, He shall
Direct my paths. The fruit of God’s great love
Is sweet above all sweet and white above
All white and pure above all pure; so I
Shall feast upon this fruit until I’m filled,
That I will neither hunger nor will thirst
Forever in the joy of God’s own grace.

(cf. Psalm 127:1; Proverb 3:5; Alma 32:42)

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