Saturday, July 25, 2009

Qualities of an Abundant Life

The Qualities of an Abundant Life

We should work and pray to gain:

Gratitude for life and for the opportunity of living with all that pertains to life.

Hope that life will continue to improve and rise to a higher level.

Strength to cope with the burdens and challenges that life inflicts.

Direction for life that it holds its course toward a clearly defined end.

Vision of who I am and what I am as offspring of an almighty God.

Healing of the wounds of the soul through the atonement.

Knowledge of correct and eternal principles.

Power to live in compliance with those eternal principles.

Security that comes from knowing safety in our Father’s care.

Might to overcome the temptations peculiar to each individual that will beset and plague each.

Purpose that accords completely with the purpose that our Father has for us.

Endurance to stay the course and continue to progress toward our purpose.

Virtue so that one’s soul remains pure and in tune with the Spirit.

Truth, in that one abides by true principles and speaks only truth.

Meaning for life that becomes ever higher into eternity.

Light of truth, that there be no darkness in us.

Love without condition for God and all He has created.

Faith, the greatest power in the universe, that one can create the life one desires.

Glory emanating from the Lord that lifts us in His grace.

Change of heart, that one’s heart will accord perfectly with the Father’s.

Brightness of being, that one might serve as a beacon and light to the world.

Eternal life, in which one shares in one’s Father’s work, to bring to pass immortality and eternal life to all people.

Joy without end with our Father, Lord and God, worlds without end.

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